2023-2024 Season

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci

Wednesday October 11, 2023

Dr. Fauci is an American doctor and scientist who has played a key role over the years in diagnosing and treating a number of contagious illnesses.  As an adviser to U.S. President Ronald Reagan, he took a public role during the AIDS epidemic.  More recently as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, Dr. Fauci once again became a household name when he helped devise the government’s response to the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Walter Isaacson

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Walter Isaacson is a best-selling biographer and author.  His gift for storytelling is obvious in his critically praised and widely popular biographies, which have chronicled the lives of Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and many others.  His highly anticipated book of Elon Musk, the automotive and space technology entrepreneur will be released in the fall, and we will be among the first to hear about it directly from the source. 

Steve Young

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Steve Young is an American former professional football player who was a quarterback in the National Football League (NFL) for 15 seasons, primarily with the San Francisco 49ers. He built his fame as a record-setting quarterback and two-time MVP, including a Super Bowl MVP.  He is also a licensed attorney, a TV commentator, and a supporter of numerous charities and foundations, including the Forever Young Foundation.

Thomas Friedman

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Thomas Friedman is a bestselling author and New York Times foreign affairs columnist.  He is renowned for his direct reporting and accessible analysis of complex issues shaping the world.  The winner of three Pulitzer Prizes, he has covered monumental stories from around the globe.  His latest bestseller, Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations, in which Friedman offers a blueprint for overcoming the stresses and challenges of our world. 

Ruth Reichl

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Ruth Reichl is an American chef and food writer.  In addition to two decades as a food critic, mainly spent at the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times, Reichl has also written cookbooks, memoirs and a novel, and been co-producer of PBS’s Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie, culinary editor for the Modern Library and editor-in-chief of Gourmet magazine. She has also won six James Beard Foundation Awards.  Most recently she has focused on issues related to food security.

Cristina Mittermeier

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Cristina Mittermeier is a National Geographic Explorer and photographer.  Awarded Adventurer of the year, Cristina is a passionate advocate for our natural world and documents her discoveries through photographs.   She along with her partner, Paul Nicklen co-founded SeaLegacy, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the ocean and its wildlife.  Cristina harnesses the power of storytelling through her photographs to raise awareness and to drive advocacy.

Photo Credit: Ben Moon